Can you hear the Harvest?  The latest project from The Pates is now available.  Click the links below to order it.

The Pates' first music project, you and Me, is now available on CD and cassette. 

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What's on the album?

1.  Highest Praise  Listen
2.  The Harvest
3.  Brand New Start Listen
4.  My Hope
5.  Wait, Watch, Pray
6.  Changed
7.  Look for Me
8.  We're Gonna Rise Listen
9.  Would You Go Listen
10.  Prince of Peace

The Harvest--CD


The Harvest--Cassette


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What's on the album?


  you and Me*

  So High

  My America*

  Glory!*  Listen

  Something More*

  Human Touch*  Listen

  The Middle Man

  Standing On The Promises

  That's Him

  The House*

  Let Go*

  The Journey*

*Words and music by Kelly Patrice Pate Copyright 2002, 2003/BMI

you and Me--CD


you and Me--Cassette



Morning in the Camp



What Time is it?

Bro. Pate's latest book




you and Me--CD  $15.00                     

you and Me--Cassette  $10.00             

The Harvest--CD  $15.00                    

The Harvest--Cassette  $10.00             

Morning in the Camp  $25.00              

What Time is it?  $25.00                      

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